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Direct Line Supply Co - American Manufacturer of Belt Scrapers- Factory Direct Belt Scales

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Belt Scrapers and Conveyor Belt Cleaners
CBC Secondary Conveyor Belt Scrapers manufactured by Direct Line Supply
Food Grade Belt Scrapers - Custom Stainless Steel Food Grade Belt Cleaners
Conveyor Belt Scraper CBC Food Grade Stainless Steel FDA Approved
Retrofit Primary Belt Cleaner Blades- Replacement blades for Blet Cleaners & Belt Scrapers
RETROFIT Replacement Primary Belt Cleaner Blades
Pre Wipe Head Pulley Belt Cleaners.  Primary Belt Scrapers.  Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaners
Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Serving Industry Since 1999

Belt Scales
Convey Weigh High Proformance Fully Assembled Single Idler Belt Scale for any type Conveyor
Wheel Loader Scales-Bucket Scales and Loader Scales
weighlog-3030Wheel and track loader scale-touchscreen Loader scale-bucket loader scale
Conveyor Magnet, conveyor belt magnets, Industrial magnets, permanent magnets for all process applications
Conveyor Metal Detector Conveyor Metal Detector for aggregate and coal conveyors
Industrial Magnets Conveyor Belt Scales Conveyor Belt Cleaners
Conveyor Belt Scale Made in the USA
Permanent Magnets, Permanent Rare Earth Magnets, neodymium and ceramic Industrial Magnets
Industrial Magnets for Conveyors-permanet manual clean suspended magnet Industrial Magnets Industrial magnet conveyor magnet self cleaning
Industrial Magnets - Electromagnet for conveyors-magnetic separator, self clean electromagnet for ferrous metal separation
manual clean Electromagnetic Separator Self Cleaning Electromagnet for Conveyors- Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Pulley - Pulley Magnets, Head Pulley Magnets -Rare Earth Pulleys and Ceramic Magnetic Pulleys
Magnetic Head Pulleys Magnetic-Pulleys-Rare Earth neo & Ceramic Series

Magnetic Drum Separators-Drum Magnets

Drum Separator Magnet Magnetic Drum Separator